At the recent Premio Internazionale Fisarmonica 2014 we are pleased to announce that two Paolo Soprani players won first prize in their categories:
Marco Pomanti - winner Category N (World music - soloists)
Andrea Di Giacomo - winner Category H (Light music - soloists)

Also playing concerts during the festival were two of our artists
Gennaro Ruffolo and Danilo Dipaolonicola with his group "Ethnic Project".

On the 2nd October the Guglielmi Brothers were interviewed and played a couple of numbers on the RAI TV programme
"I Fatti Vostri" (national Italian television). Despite the surroundings and presence of famous personalities, the young brothers played thier Paolo Soprani accordions flawlessly and to much acclaim.
You can see clips of performances and photos of the above on our Facebook page.

On the 23rd October a new film, "Buoni a nulla", by Italian director Gianni di Gregorio will be released in Italian cinemas. The soundtrack features Danilo Dipaolonicola playing his Paolo Soprani accordion.
The trailer for the new film is also on our Facebook page.